Sexy Tips For Solo Play

Sexy Tips For Solo Play

Whether you’re on a dating sabbatical or just need some alone time to recharge, solo play can be a great way to take care of yourself especially in cam2cam sex. And, just like with partnered play, there are tons of sexy tips you can use to make your solo masturbation even more opulent or you can fap with strangers.

Setting Your Mood

There are plenty of ways to set your mood for a solo play date–draw a bath, use scented oils, light some candles, rock a slow jam compilation playlist, and more! All of these are fun, but what really makes the experience special is your unique personal touch and preferences.

Solo Masturbation Positions

As with the partnered play, solo sex is more fun when you switch up positions and take these sexy tips. There’s nothing wrong with lying down or sitting up, but you can also lean against a wall or stand up for some added stimulation. You can also use toys or your hand to enhance your solo sex in a number of different ways.


For extra eroticism and pleasure, try putting on a blindfold while masturbating. This will shut out all of your other senses and focus on the sensations you want to feel, which will allow you to delve into a more sexy fantasy during your session.

Sex Toys

If you’re feeling a little bored during solo sex, consider adding some sex toys to your arsenal. These can be anything from sex balls, which are perfect for stroking and grinding against each other, to teasing devices, which are designed to help stimulate your erections.

Penis Rings

If you want to enhance your solo masturbation, try incorporating a penis ring. These are bands that can be worn around the base of your penis to trap blood flow and increase erection strength.

This can help you stay longer in sex and achieve more intense orgasms during your session.


If sex can be an anxious experience, practicing mindfulness within your solo play can help you be in the present moment and not get caught up in negative thoughts. It can also help you be more in tune with your desires and what’s best for you.

Talk Dirty

If you haven’t done this before, you’ll want to try talking dirty with yourself during your solo sex. This will warm up your imagination and prepare you for the kind of dirty sex you’ll have with your partner.


If you’re feeling a bit bored during your solo play, why not try edging? Edging is a technique in which you’ll start by lightly stroking all over the place until your climax starts to kick in. Then, you’ll stop each time you’re about to come, building arousal and anticipation until you can’t wait to climax again.

It can be a little scary to edge on your own, but it’s totally worth the risk! It will delay climax and give you more time to enjoy your sexy fantasies.